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Responsive design technology allows users to BYOD. With no software to install and no manual data syncing required, your reports are up to date up to the minute.



With flexible fixed-price subscription plans, Skemaz imposes absolutely 'No Limits' to the number of Users, Projects, Visits, Stores or pretty much anything else needed for your Retail Execution audit projects.


Retail Insights to Live By or Die Without

Growing your Brand through Innovation, Operational Excellence and better Retail Execution.

Retail Execution Reporting

BYOD Responsive design Retail Execution Reporting makes life easy for you, your Reps and your customers.

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Merchandising Software | Retail Execution | Retail Insights

Merchandising Software | Retail Execution | Retail Insights

Retail Insights – to live by or die without!

Actionable Retail Insights

Retail Insights are paramount to improving a Retail Manufacturer’s Brand Performance and success.

The speed and ease to get projects setup, the quality of reporting and an economically priced Cloud based Merchandising Software  Platform that lets you have Unlimited  users, projects, audits, reports etc is critical to an MSO or Food Broker’s success, growth and profit.

That’s why we make designing and delivering real-time Actionable Store Audits straightforward, uncomplicated and a breeze to deploy. Either Do It Yourself or fast-track your Retail Execution setups to our team of experts.

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Join Our Retail Execution 14 Day Accelerated Trial

Retail Execution ReportingThe Retail Insights that You Need – Fast!

Fast-track your implementation with our Accelerated Trial for CPG Manufacturers or MSOs & Brokerage Firms because with Project Setup Services and Reporting this good, we don’t want to just talk about it, we want you to experience it.

Not sure? Why not request a Demo to see just how good our Retail Insights are?


A Unified Merchandising Software as a Service Platform

  1. Merchandising Software as a ServiceA Unified securely hosted cloud Merchandising Software as a Service Platform reduces IT headaches and costs.
  2. Project data setup and design services to save you time and money and Administration hassles.
  3. Become the Expert yourself with our intuitive fully customizable Project Designer.
  4. Easily Deploy the mobile Auditor App to your mobile workers. They simply login via their mobile browser with no software to install or App Store to visit.
  5. Video and Online Training provided for your Administrator, Train the Trainer or Mobile Merchandisers.
  6. Online Actionable Retail Reporting from our Unified merchandising software as a service platform.
  7. Unlimited users, projects, store audits, reports etc all for a flat monthly subscription.

Skemaz™ takes care of  Merchandising Software Reporting technology needs so that you can eliminate the hassle and expense of fragmented reporting.

Rapid ROI on your Merchandising Software as a Service Platform

Merchandising Software ROI1. Pay as you go. Flexible flat monthly subscriptions regardless of the number of users, projects, reports or stores audits.
2. Skemaz™ is designed to save you time and money from the moment you get started.
3. Allows you to scale up or down based on your demand. So bring your MSO’s, Food Brokers, Manufacturers and Users on with no additional cost to you and None to them!
4. Your retail execution projects can be up and running within weeks rather than months with our Project setup services.
5. Our cloud-based merchandising software as a service platform is 100% configurable and scaleable delivering value in under 30 days.

Retail Execution Reporting

Whether you are a Manufacturer, MSO, Food Broker, Retailer or provide Mystery Shopping services, Skemaz™ Merchandising Software as a Service Platform will deliver outstanding Retail Insights and tremendous benefits to your organization.


Retail InsightsRetail InsightsRetail Execution  Merchandising Software as a Service




Flexible Pricing Plans

Checkout our Flexible Merchandising Software & Services Pricing Plans that offer Unlimited users, projects, stores, products, audits and reporting starting from $185 per month.

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