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No Merchandising software to install, no App store to visit. Simply login via skemaz.net, upload your project data and configure your store audit questions. Merchandising Software as a Service that runs on all mobile devices and computers. That's it! So easy you can be up and running within a day!


Integrated PowerBI Dashboards

View and share reports from your desktop, phone or tablet. Integrate external data sources into your Skemaz report data to unify your reports. Drag and drop simple to use. Know how to use PowerPoint? Great - PowerBI is just as easy to use. PowerBI is to Business Intelligence as YouTube is to Video.

Dynamic Browser Reports

Drill into actionable data then click to view Inline Photos with user comments, escalation, time & date stamps plus Geo-location.

The Mobile App

Mobile field auditors use whatever internet connected phone or tablet they own. There's no software to install and all data are automatically synchronized live over the internet. With easy to follow on-board user guides, your mobile workforce will answering your project questions with Geo-location, time-stamps, photos, order entry, payroll time and attendance and much more.

Retail Execution Reports........


Merchandising Software as a Service with flexible monthly subscription options. No contract, cancel when you want. 'No Limits' to the number of Users, Projects, Visits, Stores or pretty much anything else needed for your Retail Execution audit projects.

Merchandising Software | Merchandising Solutions

Merchandising Software | Merchandising Solutions

How Profitable are your Retail Execution and In-Store Merchandising Projects?Mobile Merchandising solutions

Whether you provide in-store retail merchandising or visual merchandising services, having the right Merchandising Software and Mobile Merchandising Solutions available to your organization and field merchandisers is critical to making life easier, business more profitable and your customers delighted.

Merchandising Software that Works For Your Business

Merchandising Project profitability – time and expense tracking – mobile merchandiser tracking and communication

Four fundamental pieces of information that you need to have in real time at your finger tips if you are running a field merchandising business (don’t worry we have the utility and functionality a little further down).

What makes our Cloud Merchandising Solutions different?

Start to End – Office and Mobile Merchandising Solutions that help your business.

Track retail execution project profitability, time and expense and mobile merchandising reps.Rapid project setup times. Full design capabilities of retail audit questionnaires. Scalable, secure and quickly deployed anywhere locally or any country.  A mobile merchandising app that runs on any mobile device. Real-time Dashboard Reports.

Desktop Retail Audit Designer:

Start right and Design it right to Finish right.  We are there to train you how to use Skemaz merchandising software. We will support and (even do it for you if you want)  to make sure thField Marketing & Retail Reporting Technologyat your retail merchandising store and project data is loaded accurately. Also to help ensure store audit questionnaires are setup correctly for your mobile merchandisers so that you get the best out of your Skemaz Merchandising Solutions.

Training. Support. Webinars and Our Famous “Just do it for Me Services” save you time and money.

Mobile Merchandising App:

Capture it right to Report it right. You’ve setup your retail store audit using our desktop designer. So whatever you want to report on, it will be captured. Plus you also get GPS location, Photos, Date & time stamping and Task duration tracking. Responsive design so automatically adjusts to any size mobile device. No App store to visit, no software to download, awesome to use, quick to deploy –action packed with features you only dream about…Get a Demo

Capture and view retail compliance audits online instantly. Eliminate paper audit and expense submissions. Communicate with Mobile Merchandisers instantly.

Retail Audit Dashboard Reports

Reporting it Right. Reports With WOW! Your retail audit dashboard reports are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed on your desktop, phone or tablet.Retail Audit Dashboard Reporting

  • Instantly drag and drop retail stores audit data that you want to view to create a new chart. Add any additional data to expand the report.
  • Click to change font sizes, colors and much more. Then pin reports to your dashboard. Share reports from your phone, tablet or desktop to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Get Data from multiple sources including your computer or integrate external data with your Skemaz™ retail audit data (actually you may want to let us do that for you)...Get Your Free 14 Day Trial!

Our Cloud Merchandising Solutions and Desktop Merchandising Software

Built Right. Hosted Right and Priced Right – because your business deserves the best

Unlimited users at no extra cost. A Merchandising Solution Branded with your Logo. Intellectual Property that you own. No contact – Pay Per Month. State of the Art Technology all securely hosted, maintained and future proofed by our team of retail and technology experts.

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