Dashboard Reports & Field Reporting for Business

Dashboard Reports for Business

Option 1: Live Dashboard Reports straight from your Excel Spreadsheets in your Dropbox

From Excel to Dropbox to Dashboards. A picture paints a thousand words, so with our graphical Dashboard Reports you can easily identify issues & make better business decisions quicker. WOW customers with Responsive BI Dashboards that deliver Actionable Business Insights.

  • Using the data in your excel spreadsheets, we give you a stunning Dashboard Report that makes sense of meaningless & convoluted data.
  • Drill down online Reports that can be viewed in any browser, on any device, wherever you are.
  • Just update your data in Excel as you usually do and it's instantly reflected Live in your Dashboard Online.
  • Whatever industry you're in or whatever you want to report on, our Dashboards work to make your life easy & business more lucrative.
  • Know your business and keep track of your business by quickly & easily identifying areas for improvement or any issues.

Option 2: Get a Mobile App that mirrors Dashboards for Collecting Data in the Field

Enhance your business and field Reporting by collecting your data electronically in the field.

  • A critical tool for your mobile workers to capture Incidents, Answers to Questions, Photos, Signatures or track Time & Expense in the field.
  • Your Mobile App collects data back into your Excel spreadsheet to match up to your Reports.
  • View data from the field instantly in your Dashboards.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - Apple, Android, whatever. Making the App easy for anyone to use on their own familiar tablet or phone.
  • Better Data – Better Reports – Better Decisions – Better Business Results!

Option 3: Add Work Flow to Stream-line Operations with Automated Updates and Notifications

Automate Processes such as Approval Notifications

  • As soon as a row in your Excel data changes, your Work Flow inspects the change and triggers Alerts or Notifications according to your Business Rules.
  • Rest assured that communication Always happens between the Right Parties.
  • Use Messenger, email and a variety of communications methods.
  • You can even warn people of an approaching deadline - such as a due date commitment to a client.
  • Automated Communications – No more 'He said - She said' – Everyone's on the 'Same Page' – for Better Business Results!

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