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Field Marketing without Limitations

Skemaz™ is the World’s first 100% free Field Marketing Mobile Web App and Merchandising Software as a Service. No catches, no monthly or annual subscription costs, no cost per store visit. Unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited products – because like you, we don’t like limitations. Skemaz™ Mobile Web App and Merchandising SaaS is scalable, robust and is securely hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service which means we grow with your business. Find out more…

 No merchandising software to install. No App to Download.

There’s no software to install and no App to download because Skemaz™ is a Mobile Web App and Merchandising Software as a Service. To access Skemaz™ you simply log from your phone, tablet or computer’s browser.  Design your Field Marketing Audits from your PC or Mac’s browser and assign projects to your mobile merchandisers. They instantly view and execute store audits on their smart phones or tablets in the field. Read more…

B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device) and Reduce Costs even more!

Skemaz™ supports a BYOD strategy so you can slash your operating costs – and besides, numerous industry reports have proved that mobile workers are easier to train and are more productive using their own mobile device that they are used to using. The Field Marketing Mobile Web App supports your BYOD (bring your own device) strategy because it works on any Android, Apple, Microsoft, or other brand of modern smartphone and tablet. The Mobile Web App automatically adjusts to match any device screen size allowing your field merchandisers use their own smartphone or tablet to capture report data while they are in the store.

    Easy to Setup Store Audits. Simple to Use in the Store. No IT department required!

The best thing about setting up Skemaz™ projects is that it’s easy enough that you don’t need an IT department to establish or maintain your system. Easily upload your project data for your merchandising projects. Design Field Marketing Store Audits from your PC or Mac’s browser from your user account at www.skemaz.net. Assign Store Audits to merchandising reps to execute in-store on the Mobile Web App from their mobile device. You can also assign multiple merchandisers to multiple projects or stores and much more. It really is as simple as that. Read more…

Customisable Real-time reports with Actionable Data

You design your merchandising projects to get the reports you and your customers need immediately. Reports are available on-line in real time as audits take place. Communicate with field marketing staff via the app and apply flexible visit scheduling. Gain deeper insights into store level information with drill-thru and conditional filtering plus auto-escalation. Conditional questions minimizes irrelevant questions. “Model Answer – Answer the rest” saves time in the store e.g. if the rest of the items are tagged and placed correctly they are automatically answered as such. GEO location and store audit location and date and time stamping happens automatically and the mobile app captures photos and signatures using their modern mobile device’s hardware. See more…

 Field marketing workforce on demand on-line

Tap into our Social marketplace to expand your workforce locally, nationally or globally on-demand from any location. Reduce your reliance on full-time employees. Select Merchandisers based on hourly rate, location or experience.  Merchandisers simply accept your offer to undertake merchandising work, make themselves available to you from within the “Auditor”app and then you can instantly assign merchandising projects to them. Learn more…

Social Market Place to Promote Yourself or Service

Whatever size Field Marketing or Retail Merchandising Service you operate, whether you operate locally or as a national MSO, broker, manufacturer, or if you are simply interested in contract merchandising work, promote your profile to key parties in the merchandising and field marketing industry and become part of the global retail merchandising community on Skemaz™. Find out how…

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