Who can benefit from PowerBI Dashboard Technology? Just about anyone – and you’re invited!

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In case you’re unaware of what PowerBI is, according to Gartner Group, PowerBI is the #1 Dashboard technology that’s empowering decision-makers in large and small businesses across all industries. Hands down, it’s the easiest, most cost effective and fully-featured dashboard reporting service available. Tableau is also a great option for Dashboard Reporting, but for a bunch of […]

Business Dashboards are like Car Dashboards. Without one you’re Driving Blind

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Would you drive a car without a dashboard? Not likely. So why drive your business without one? A picture talks volumes The benefits of business dashboards is that they are the easiest way to communicate activity The advantage of images over text and numbers when you need to present information is that your brain registers […]

A Collaboration Tool for Construction Site Inspections

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I came across one of the top 10 rated productivity tools and was instantly hooked. I have very little experience in construction site inspections, however I do know that communicating issues that inspector’s identify can be time consuming and aren’t always fully understood. With that in mind, imagine what you could do to enhance your […]