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The Team at Skemaz took our restaurant into the 21st century of Reporting. We kept all of our business The Team at Skemaz took our business into the 21st century of Reporting. Running all of our business operations on Excel spreadsheets that were messy, cumbersome and for the most part inaccurate because the Accounts team were 2 weeks behind with manual input & report. So after seeing what Skemaz Dashboards could deliver to Lanai we put our excel spreadsheets into dropbox, and Shared the file with the guys at Skemaz. The rest is history. It created realtime Visibility across Expenses, Sales & Profitability and I was able to login from anywhere to view the figures instantly in Graphical format that meant much more to me than figures. I cannot express the difference that it made to our purchasing and petty cash expense management and consequently our expenses & profitability.